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I've logged in but there are no new leads

This article is for advertisers.
Each time a lead is generated you will receive a lead notification email prompting you to login to your account. You have received a lead notification email from us but when you login there are no new leads to download. This is usually for one of the following reasons.

Someone else has logged in

Someone else has logged in since we sent the email - this is common when lead emails are sent to generic (rather than personal) email addresses. When someone logs in to your account, they may have accepted the new leads.

Logged in to wrong account

Another possible reason is that you have logged in to the wrong account. You need to be logged in to the main account - you should also see all of the information you have published on the website in the same account. If not, the chances are that you're using the wrong email address as the username.

The username is your email address.
If you don't know the password , please use the 'Get password reminder' button at the login screen to request a reminder.

If you don't know the username/password , please contact us via the chat and we'll send you your login details.

Duplicate lead

Occasionally people submit their details for the same thing twice, which can result in two leads. We have systems in place to identify this and we will delete one of the leads. If we choose to delete the more recent lead, you may still receive the lead notification email as this is sent out automatically - but by the time you login, we may have deleted it. This is very rare - but please contact us if you have any concerns.

Updated on: 14/09/2022