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How do I access my leads?

This article is for advertisers.
Each time a lead is generated you will receive a lead notification email prompting you to login to your account.

Leads overview

When you login, browse to > Advertising > Leads. The leads table has 4 tabs:
In progress
Sign ups

Re-order leads by clicking column headings in the table
To change the number of rows displayed, select 10, 25, 50 or 100 from the drop down
Leads may be displayed over multiple pages - click Previous/Next to move between pages

New leads

This tab displays leads that have not yet been accepted. To accept leads, select all rows or select individual leads using the check boxes on the left - then click the Accept leads button. This will move the leads to the In progress tab.

In progress

These are leads that have been accepted. Full lead details are available on this tab, including lead name, contact details, lead date plus any questions or notes entered into the lead form.

From this tab you can update leads as follows:
Mark as lost - if a lead is no longer interested, please mark it as lost to avoid any unnecessary follow-up activity
Update status - change the status to/from cold, warm or hot or confirm a sign up
Archive - remove the lead from the table to stay focused on those leads that matter

Sign ups

A sign up can be marked as either:
Provisional - if the user has told us they have signed up, we will mark the lead as Provisional pending your confirmation
Confirmed - if you have confirmed the lead has signed up, it will be marked as Confirmed.


The lead has the option within their login area to say they are no longer interested - if they do this, we will mark the lead as Lost so that you know not to spend any further time on follow up activity.

Updated on: 14/09/2022