Articles on: Clubs

Listing a club

This article is for club administrators.

Adding a new club

If you are already registered, please login here to add a club listing. We might need to add the club options to your account - if it's not obvious how to add a club when you login, please contact us via the chat and we'll update your account.

If you're new to TimeOutdoors and haven't previously listed your club, please register here (tick the 'I'd like to add a free club listing' option) and follow the instructions to add the club.

Updating a club

It's much quicker to update your current club listing than add a new one.
If you represent the club and would like to update your club details, please login to the account in which the club is registered.

The username is your email address.
If you don't know the password , please use the 'Forgotten password' button at the login screen to request a reminder.

If you don't know the username/password , please contact us via the chat and we'll send you your login details.

Updated on: 14/09/2022