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Finding a friend or family member's MyTOD account to follow

For existing MyTOD community members

To connect with friends of someone you are already following:
click on the 'Following' button at the top of your feed;
click on their name to be taken through to their profile;
select the name of who you wish to follow in their 'following' or 'followers';
click request to follow if they have a followers profile or click on 'follow' if they have a public profile.

For existing MyTOD community members AND people not yet registered

You can ask your friend or family member to send you a link to their MyTOD profile using the ‘share profile’ button on their feed.  If you click on the link they send you, it will take you through to their profile.

Alternatively, you can also find MyTOD community members on the One Million Challenge leaderboard if they have joined and are in the top 100.

Updated on: 29/03/2023